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The Birth of Setting The Bar LLC

Setting The Bar LLC was established on May 30, 2018 but the development began way before than. Approximately three years ago I was given the vision to reach pass personal relationships to encourage others to set their bar. If you ask a few of my close friends what are my strengths they will collectively tell you that some of my strengths are being supportive, inspirational and encouraging. I recognize that to be a gift from God who has allowed me to use it well, but God told me it was time for me to unwrap my gift fully and that is why Setting The Bar LLC was birth. I want to reach others to show them how to reach their full potential by setting the bar. Setting The Bar simply means to set a standard that you are willing to work towards and ultimately reach it. That standard is whatever you desire it to be.

Setting the Bar LLC wants to help those who are in need of a change or desire a change. A lot of times people may recognize a change is needed but don't know where or how to start and that is okay. My belief is that our gifts do not belong to us we are meant to use them to help others.

I am on the same journey and I have set many bars in my own life while helping others to set theirs. I am looking forward to reaching the masses and watching them as they start setting their bar.

Thank you.

Setting The Bar LLC

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