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Over the years, Setting The Bar, LLC has worked with some amazing clients and one barrier that has stagnated many people from setting the bar in their life, is not having healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries are good for self, relationships, jobs and businesses. Setting The Bar, LLC now offers one/one coaching services to help individuals develop healthy boundaries that will help catapult them into reaching their full potential. To help commemorate this new service, Setting The Bar has designed a product line entitled Boundaries. The vision for this product line aligns with the overall mission/vision of Setting The Bar, LLC and that is to aspire individuals to reach their full potential by setting the bar in health, education, spirit, relationships, finances, personal development, community and family. If you desire one/one coaching services please click the link below to allow Setting The Bar, LLC to assist you with establishing healthy boundaries that will catapult you into reaching your full potential. Coaching services prices do vary and are based upon the need of the client.